We are Luminous.

Welcome to the world of Luminous. We’re the brightest minds in event engineering and we’ve spent over 20 years devising stand-out concepts and hardware that have inspired some of the world’s most ambitious and exciting experiences.

​Ours is a physical-meets-physiological approach. We harness and manipulate the power of the elements to make fire, water and air perform in ways that nature can’t, to create emotional, energised connections.

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We engineer emotion.

For every moment you want to mark, whether it’s on or off stage, from the first impression to the climatic finale of the show, we have ways of making heads turn and time. stand. still.

​It always starts with a great idea – yours or ours. We take a concept or a brief or a simple remit to transform an event, installation or entire experience and we apply our technological and elemental mastery to build the ground-breaking hardware and physical effects that make the moment memorable, exhilarating and momentous.

Every solution we create is built on innovation and designed to suit all market sectors that need to draw the eye and perform better. Please contact us so we can help you do just that.

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