We Engineer Emotion

Our passion for smart solutions and innovative design positions us at the forefront of SFX development.

We work across all the physical elements; water, flame, air, aroma, atmospherics, applying our ingenuity to create hardware solutions which make these elements perform often in unnatural ways.

From our 8500 sqft workshop located in the heart of the South West we operate a carefully curated manufacturing facility, reputed to be the envy of many industry and film professionals!

We have invested in our state of the art fabrication equipment in order to meet project demands, whether it’s scaling up production for volume builds, responding to large scale custom projects or prototyping concepts which can quickly turn into functional machines.

A Unique Team

Leading the Luminous team are founders Mike Badley and Edwin Samkin, both qualified engineers and both having built their experience from the ground-up in high-end movie (Bond, Star Wars), TV special effects and large-scale ceremonies. The pair met through their work in London during the 2000’s and continued to pursue different avenues within entertainment production before the formation of Luminous.

Their combined experience brings a unique understanding of the stakeholders involved in creating and running global productions, whether it’s touring or permanent.

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Mike Badley Director


Mike has worked in high-end special effects since 1999, working extensively in movie production and large scale live performance. Mike specialises in combining new technologies to create engaging special effects which he has applied both on set and in a consultative role for major titles and tours including Inception, Quantum of Solace, The Dark Knight, Adele Live 2016, Arcadia Specular, Take That Live 2015. Mike co-founded Luminous in 2017 to serve the industry with advanced hardware, both in standard products available off the shelf, and custom design and manufacture services. Mike is qualified to UCPD European Machinery Safety Requirements (2016) and Practical Application of Functional Safety for Machinery (2014).

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Edwin Samkin Director

Edwin has worked with explosives and special effects systems within the entertainment industry since 1996, playing a key part in some of the largest global events in roles from Production Manager to Special Effects designer. Notable projects include London 2012, Sochi 2014 and Rio 2016 Olympics Ceremonies and more recently Harry Potter and the Cursed Child stage productions. Ed bridges the technical and creative disciplines providing clients with a technical SFX response whilst interpreting the creative vision, often adding something completely new to the mix. Ed upholds safety in all operational conditions ensuring first class presentation at all times.

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