Client: British frontline keyworkers

Date: 2020

Location: UK




Back in March, as Covid-19 sent Britain into an unprecedented National lockdown, we saw the synergy between the show tech and healthcare supply industries and responded to the call-to-arms from government to businesses capable of diversifying into replenishing the dwindling UK PPE supplies. 

Technical Solution


By early April the team had designed and produced a CE certified professional face visor and, using the same ingredients as usually fuels our flame-projectors, a WHO-standard hand sanitiser. Within days, Luminous Show Technology began to donate products to hospitals, care homes and other healthcare organisations in desperate need of protection in the fight against Covid19.To date Luminous have manufactured and supplied 10's of thousands of each product direct to those who need them most.   


As the government supply chain caught up the demand to supply PPE to frontline NHS staff was no longer required so Luminous launched as a one-stop-shop to make available all PPE and hygiene supplies to small businesses and individuals around the UK. 


Luminous developed a variety of Sanitiser Stations to suit different businesses and venues, from freestanding foot operation to outdoor automatic dispensers. These sturdy, British made products have allowed a huge number of businesses to get back to work with clients such as Historic Royal Palaces, The Royal British Legion and many NHS hospitals. 



2D and 3D drafting, Prototyping, Metalwork, laser cutting, product assembly.