Event FX – Sports Flames


Client: Event FX Limited

Date: 2018-2019

Location: UK




Event FX have been at the forefront of sports presentation special effects for 10 years and have long established an innovative approach to deliver all their special effects systems in branded, self-contained enclosures, with battery power and wireless control.

We were approached to co-develop a range of liquid flame effects for use in stadiums, specifically for the demanding sport market that insists on Event FX being able to rapidly deploy and remove special effects around a sports pitch, often within a few minutes of kick off. This development included single flame heads with a large 20m flame jet and “5-way” multi heads. The client wanted to seamlessly integrate these heads into existing self-contained enclosures and to be fully compatible with their wireless tech.


Technical Solution


To meet the challenges of the sites, Luminous designed a solution that used low-voltage components with external high capacity batteries and wireless interface in bespoke enclosure. This allowed the products to be fired in any location without external power or control sources thus maintaining the status quo of their existing systems. These included a robust level of redundancy with dual valves and twin/quad spark ignition on every flame outlet.


The proposed products were 3D rendered, with every component modelled so the exacting client could approve every component placement and internal layout. These were converted into 2D manufacturing drawings to produce the metalwork and bill of materials. Luminous assembled and tested hydraulic and electrical assemblies before fitting into the folded aluminium enclosures. All products were thoroughly stress tested prior to dispatching in the field for events such as the 2018 FA Cup Final and Chelsea FC 2019/2020 season home games.




2D and 3D drafting, FMEA, Prototyping, Metalwork, Laser cutting, Product assembly, Hydraulics, Electronics, Special Effects design, Control system.