Cirque Du Soleil – The Land of Fantasy


Client: Cirque Du Soleil

Date: 2019

Location: Hangzhou, China




Luminous were approached by Cirque Du Soleil to design a flame package for a new project in Hangzhou, China. This included a range of flame projectors built into wheeled stalagmites with comprehensive Estop system. One of the more unusual aspects of this project was to prototype a performer mounted flame projector to simulate a classic fire breather effect, but with better performer safety over using liquid fuels.  


Technical Solution


Using our experience of developing both liquid and gas flames we settled on a self-contained compact gas fuelled flame system. We developed a fire torch with built-in ignition giving the performer a reliable method to ignite the flame.  To provide the highest level of safety we incorporated a remote enable system using secure wireless technology so that the flame jet effect could only be triggered once a safety ‘spotter’ had enabled from backstage with clear line of sight. The performer had a trigger button for the flame jet so they could simulate the fire breathing motion and achieve perfect timing as they released the ignition gas themselves. The outcome of this prototyping development was hugely successful as we were able to create an effect that replicated a traditional fire breather but without the risks associated with using liquid fuels. 




2D and 3D drafting, FMEA, Prototyping, Metalwork, Laser cutting, Product assembly, Hydraulics, Electronics, Special Effects design, Control system.