Luminous can provide a range of solutions to create a variety of weather conditions in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Atmospherics – wind, humidity, heat

From gale-force winds to tropical humidity or dry heat, Luminous has the know-how to create realistic weather effects in any environment. Taking into consideration the available space, power consumption and other factors, we will design and manufacture the perfect product for your application. Just take a look at some of the wind machines we have supplied before.

  • Hot air cannons
  • Cold air cannons
  • ‘Silent wind’ – high volume, low pressure
  • Vortex rings
  • Air amplifiers (venturi)
  • Air blades
  • Air jets
  • Ultra high force fans
  • Propeller based wind machines (petrol)
  • Propeller based wind machines (electric)
  • Air mortars
  • High pressure nitrogen cannons
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