HYDRA-TECH – New Release

A stunning Water FX solution, designed for touring, events, permanent installations.

Hot off the press for 2023, we’re excited to release HYDRA-TECH®, our latest water effects solution designed for a host of locations and applications including temporary events, touring productions and permanent installations.

HYDRA-TECH® is a digital rain system packed full of smart, time saving features which delivers stunning water FX for indoor or outdoor use. The system creates real life natural, randomised droplet effects and customised patterns, textures and graphics so makes the perfect backdrop for a show or a stand-alone feature at an event or installation.

Modular in design, the expandable system means rain heads, tanking and pumps can be added and interchanged easily when shows or locations change. The system can be configured into limitless shapes and sizes using straight, angled or curved sections.

Crystal clear graphics, uninterrupted drops and precision control of droplet size are achieved by our state-of-the-art high speed control hardware with millisecond accuracy.

If you are looking for a unique show feature, contact us now to learn how adaptable the HYDRA-TECH® rain system can be.

Designed and manufactured from our facilities in the UK.



Yungblud 2023 World Arena Tour, Cardiff Cardiff International Arena. HYDRA-TECH in use with ER Productions. Photo Credit: Annie19750