Ground-breaking performances require ground-breaking equipment to deliver unique moments on stage.

Luminous deliver real magic to theatre stages around the world

Live performances and theatre demand the most reliable and innovative equipment available. Luminous specialise in creating custom-made equipment for some of the world’s biggest shows.

Luminous have a huge variety of technologies that can be used to create effects on stage and are often bought in at the early stages of show development to demonstrate and advise options that are technically deliverable.

Products are then developed to work in the environment that is required, often with restrictions on access, size and weight.

Does your production need something a little extra special?

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“Luminous designed and built the phenomenal flame systems and a multitude of new technologies. They engineer and fabricate in-house and are extraordinary.”

Markus Maurette, SFX Supervisor, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, North America.