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Hand Held Flame Effect

Early into the tour, Disney Theatrical UK approached Luminous to see if we could help them upgrade their existing handheld flame effects

Client: Disney Theatrical UK

Product/Project: Hand Held Flame Effect

Year: 2022


This beloved ‘tale as old as time’ has been brought to life on stage like never before, spectacularly reimagined using the latest theatrical innovations. 28 years after its Broadway debut, members of the original creative team have reunited on this new production that features all of the spellbinding songs.

Early into the tour, Disney Theatrical UK approached Luminous to see if we could help them upgrade their existing handheld flame effects. Aptly named the ‘Handlesticks’; these props form part of Lumière’s costume and are a focal point of many scenes throughout the live stage performance.


The Challenge:

The production was previously using equipment sourced from America, which had performed well but was subject to down time due the rigours of touring. After a number of component failures and challenges in sourcing bespoke parts, the Luminous technical team was presented with an opportunity to redesign and improve both the performance and safety of operation. Our job was to deliver a reliable flame effect capable of performing day in day out and where safety was paramount to protect the performer, crew and audience.


The Outcome:

We firstly considered the needs of the performer in the ergonomic design of the handle and the safe operation of the ignition. The actor needs to know that when they press the button, the Handlesticks will ignite every time, and more importantly they will stop immediately when the button is released. To achieve this we utilised an industry standard dual-valve design which meets global safety standards and allows ease of onward certification for customers. The dual valve design is tried and tested in many of our other flame products.


Hand Held Flame Effect


It was important to provide a longer run time of the Handlesticks during each performance, so we designed in a larger payload 100g gas cartridge which also helps to reduce the change-over time. Being a standard cartridge size also means greater availability. The complex pipework was refined into a more elegant solution to minimise leaks. Topped off with a 3D printed, self-extinguishing Nylon candle to finish the overall look.

Special effects of this nature are sophisticated pieces of engineering and have to be protected and stored safely so they can keep performing as intended. We supplied 2 x robust flight cases with custom foam cut outs to store the effects with their consumables and accessories.

Beauty and the Beast runs until 17th September at the London Palladium, with further date in Bristol and Dublin. For your chance to see the show, with our Handlesticks in action, book your tickets here.

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