Ozzy Osbourne at Download Festival

The Brief

Our client, Event FX, were approached to provide a 30 second pyrotechnic finale to Ozzy Osbourne’s headline set at Download Festival. The written brief from his management was “30s of holy hell that’s fast, hard, big, full and no candy ass“ {sic}. The biggest challenge was that the show had to be in and out in a day and was in excess of 1000 pieces of individually triggered pyro. Working closely with Event FX, Luminous were engaged to design and build pyro product mounting hardware that was modular and fast to rig onsite.

Technical Solutions

Mounting pyrotechnics has its own challenges and especially for ambitious projects. The Prince of Darkness is no exception and required a breath-taking finale to his set at Download Festival 2018. We worked with the technical requirements of Event FX to develop a simple and flexible mounting system that worked with all types of pyro for the project. The show designer had put together a 9-position fan pyro sequence with lots of left to right strafing so angles had to be exactly the same throughout the installation otherwise it would be very noticeable.

Our team devised a metal pyro plate design which had pre-set angles to allow all of the same angled product to be identical thus reducing the need for setting individual angles on the day and saving valuable rigging time. This laser cut aluminium plates had rubber feet for stability and convenient mounting holes for the wireless control system and lots of rigging points.

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