Lumi-net System


To provide a secure system to safely enable/disable and monitor in real-time multiple elements of special effects equipment including pressure, arm status and e-stop status – all controlled from one simple touch screen interface.

Technical Solutions

Luminous developed a system called Lumi-net to provide high-speed real-time control and monitoring that didn’t fit into any other realm of standard control technologies. This system is configurable to monitor any conceivable input (pressure, light level, height, speed, temperature, digital inputs, analogue inputs, DMX, timecode) and also output any kind of signal required (digital switching, analogue output, DMX output, motor control, valve control etc). We can configure any type of logic to work with these inputs and outputs to provide an ideal, simplified user interface for stage installations.

The system uses an array of compact ‘nodes’ to provide connectivity, all connected through super secure high-speed networking – all simplified to remove any need to have networking knowledge to install and operate.

The system is ideal for:

  • Controlling a variety of equipment through one simple interface to reduce crewing costs
  • Providing central status monitoring for stage management
  • Enabling previously complex and timing orientated cueing to be automated in one central location

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