Technology that turns heads and makes time. stand. still.
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We make head turning moments

Luminous specialise in manipulating physics and chemistry to bring live performance, spaces and projects to life. Where other suppliers deliver off-the-shelf, conventional solutions, Luminous consistently re-define what can be engineered to deliver next-level head-turning moments.

Solutions developed by Luminous provide the difference between business-as-usual and unforgettable experiences. We add the magic, sparkle and wow to live shows, experiences and spaces that need to entertain and enthral. When a project needs to stand out, make waves, and deliver emotional moments to captivate audiences in new ways, Luminous supplies the extra-ordinary.

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Luminous specialise in entertainment technology, not only applying existing equipment to new applications, but building new hardware from the ground up. Whether you’re looking for a manufacturing partner or simply a one-off build – Contact us to discuss your next project.